Bianca Tudor

Elite Business Women Founder and President

Oana Stan

founder of local brand TECHIR® and Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador for Elite Business Women.

Magda Bei

CEO Graphtec Design

Daniela Mariscu

GM Aquatica Experience


The first elite community of women entrepreneurs laying the foundation of an entrepreneurial culture in Romania!

The first elite community of women entrepreneurs laying the foundation of an entrepreneurial culture at an international level!

Women are increasingly more important in the global market, not only as employees but also as entrepreneurs, managers and investors.

ELITE brings TOGETHER women entrepreneurs, creates a successful and profitable business community!

Elite Business Women’s mission is to become a valuable tool in the development of women entrepreneurship in Romania, but also worldwide by encouraging and building partnerships with other countries.

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Bianca Tudor – Founder and President ELITE Business Women

She began her career at age 19, within ING Group and, following six years in the group, she took on a new challenge, that of joining the AXA Group (2012). In March 2013 she became a member of JCI Organisation and founded the Female Leadership Organisation, along with her partner from South Africa, Le Roi Bear. She acted as Training & Personal Development Manager in the Junior Chamber International Organization – Bucharest (JCI) and as Regional Director of  The Alpha Group Bucharest.

Her experience of over 7 years in multinational companies brought Bianca a good knowledge of organizational culture, business strategies and the opportunity to work with talented people from different regions.

Oana Stan – founder of local brand TECHIR® and Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador for Elite Business Women.

I am a young woman just entered the Romanian business environment and I think this is the bravest and most adventurous step of my life so far. My first thought about setting up my own business came since 2011, when I have attended the Business Administration courses in English, in the Economic Studies Academy Bucharest.

Oana 200x200

Magda Bei – CEO Graphtec

Entrepreneurship as a resume of my activity is responsibility as the main factor, consistent involvment in all activities and love for the people!

Since I was a student I loved working in large teams, with a goal in mind, I’ve had many things to create and I constantly rushed to innovate.

I have always thought of myself as having some kind of internal power and a desire to express everything I feel and think, an internal force that needed to manifest itself, that required and demanded action each and every day. My work is my passion. !


Daniela Mariscu

Daniela Mariscu, founder of Brand Aquatica Experience is the woman who brings prosperity and happiness in Romania through fun! She is developing aqua parc and amusement projects all over in Romania and not only!

We are delighted to be working with Bianca and the collaboration with Elite Business Women… our work know no bounds with Bianca and we share the same spirit, vision and purpose in developing people and opportunities for prosperity. Women in business and enterprise is fundamentally an important issue and we look forward to a prosperous relationship with Bianca and the team on future projects, programs and purposes.

Ketan Makwana
CEO Enterprise Lab

Bianca is one of the most extraordinarily dynamic and go- getting colleagues and entrepreneurs I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is incredibly focused and success oriented- and has the ability to make everyone she works with feel special.

Gerard O'Donovan
Owner and Founder- The Noble Manhattan Group