They Have Succeeded London

May, 13th
09:30 – 13:00

Europe opens the doors to female entrepreneurship

Because of the succes with over 2000 romanian female entrepreneurs, the conference ”They Have Succeeded” will cross the country borders, third time this spring, to promote female entrereneurship in London. This international event is organised by ELITE Business Women together with the Romanian Embassy in London,  Romanian Cultural Insitute in London and will take place on 13 of May 2017.

This international event aims to bring together entrepreneurs from all over UK, to introduce succesful business models initiated by women and to show the benefits of diversity and exchange of know-how between men and women entrepreneur.



Sonia Brown MBE, Key Note Speaker

Sonia is a business communicator; coach; trainer; writer, uber connector and diversity maverick. She is a branding strategist and contributes to a number of radio shows, magazines and newspapers on women, diversity and enterprise issues.

She is the founder of the National Black Women’s Network; the online forum www.sistatalk as well as the Female and BME Business Led Forum, Inspirational Women Super Summit and more recently EVOLVE, a six step business programme for micropreneurs.

Sonia was named one of the Top 50 diversity figures in public life on the Economist Global List and is the International Alliance for Women (TIAW) World of Difference 100 Award Recipient for the economic empowerment of women.

Lena Kay

Lena Kay

Lena Kay is a Transformation coach who was born in North Iraq and raised in London. A university dropout she managed a chain of 10 gambling establishments before moving onto RBS business banking where she arose as a team leader. Read more ...

By her mid 20’s she found herself homeless, depressed, overweight with a brain tumour and living on benefits. She discovered neuroscience and quantum physics, used the knowledge to transform her life and helped many people on her journey as she organically fell into coaching.

Lena now empowers individuals, entrepreneurs and groups to transform and become who they need to be, to maximize their potential and live life on their own terms.

Bianca Tudor

Bianca Tudor

Founder & President Elite Business Women, Managing Partner More Solutions

She began her career at age 19, within ING Group and, following six years in the group, she took on a new challenge, that of joining the AXA Group (2012). Read more ...

In March 2013 she became a member of JCI Organisation and founded the Female Leadership Organisation, along with her partner from South Africa, Le Roi Bear. She acted as Training & Personal Development Manager in the Junior Chamber International Organization – Bucharest (JCI) and as Regional Director of  The Alpha Group Bucharest.

In the present, Bianca is an Ambassador for women entrepreneurs, by the European Commission, founder & president for Elite Business Women.

Her experience of over 7 years in multinational companies brought Bianca a good knowledge of organizational culture, business strategies and the opportunity to work with talented people from different regions.

daniela mariscu

Daniela Mariscu

Daniela Mariscu, founder of Brand Aquatica Experience is the woman who brings prosperity and happiness in Romania through fun! She is developing aqua parc and amusement projects all over in Romania and not only!

Sylvia Stevenson

Sylvia Stevenson

Founder, Diversewithus Career Coaching Consultancy

Known for her provocative coaching style, she has built a personal brand as a specialist in Career Coaching. Her experience spans a global footprint in both the HR and Technology industries. Read more ...

It ranges from developing Business Services, to driving large scale global programmes across Europe and the emerging markets, to specialised HR Projects for increasing employee engagement. It also includes leadership and career coaching, designing and implementing Master Classes and hosting of corporate events. She also delivers motivational speaking as part of the transformation agenda.

colin ed

Colin Lindsay

Managing Director, The Alpha Group

Colin is an exceptional ex-military guy who has had a varied Entrepreneurial career to date. Which started many years ago as serving member of the Elite Parashot Regiment. He has taken that experience and knowledge and utilised it to the fullest. Read more ...

He see things very simply in military terms and uses those disciplines to inspire people to do extra-ordinary things. Renowned for his drive, single-mindedness, go-getting attitude in business and in life. Winning is the ultimate, quintessential and irrefutable reason of why he does what does with the passion and obsession of a man driven by purpose.

His business interests have span over the tough Hotel Industry, the highly completive Executive Search and Recruitment industry to his current interest of building a Global Organisation helping other business leaders and Entrepreneurs, do extra-ordinary things, by making difficult and painful transformational changes to the way they create a successful Business.


Mavis Amankwah

Mavis Amankwah is an award-winning entrepreneur; specialising in marketing, PR, diversity communications and business sustainability.

Her vision began in 2002 when she noticed that there was a major gap in the market where corporate and commercial organisations needed to tap into diverse and hard-to-reach audiences but had challenges engaging with them. Read more ...

Mavis founded Rich Visions Diversity Communications to bridge that gap. She has successfully steered the company to become one of the leading diversity communications agencies targeting niche audiences. Now in its 14th year with Mavis at the helm, Rich Visions has become an award winning agency. Rich Visions has worked and created campaigns with over 60 established commercial and corporate organisations including; ASDA, Comic Relief, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, HSBC and MoneyGram. In 2011 Rich Visions won the contract to deliver a communications campaign aimed at ethnic audiences for the Digital TV switchover.

In 2009, Mavis launched another arm of the agency; Rich Visions Small Business (RVSB) which has helped over 500 enterprises increase sales, marketing and revenue growth via business support, social media and PR. RVSB has also helped small businesses secure around £3million in low-interest loans. Mavis is a business mentor and strategist with a passion for helping businesses to grow. Mavis now has several brands, which includes BE Mogul and Women Like Me Business Club.

Mavis is a public speaker, and she holds regular events in the UK, and is invited to speak internationally often. She is an author, and published her first book “44 Ways to Grow Your Business or Brand: a step-by-step guide to increase profits,” in 2011. She has spoken at Lloyds HQ and also NatWest/RBS HQ. Mavis has also spoken alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Kanya King and Dianne Abbot. Her content is always direct, tangible and delivered in an informative way.

Mavis has been featured in over 220 press titles including the Guardian and PR Week, which has named Mavis as one of ‘the most influential people in PR,’ for six consecutive years in its Power Book (2009-2015). In 2016 Mavis has featured in Boots Magazine, The Telegraph and on 

otilia brailoiu

Otilia Brailoiu

Otilia Brailoiu is a designer specialized  in wedding dresses, with a romantic and bohemian style.

With over 10 years of activity in the bridal industry, Otilia Brailoiu is present on the international market in Europe (Italy, UK), Norway, Russia, Kazakstan, China and Dubai. Read more ...

Who am I?

I am Otilia Brailoiu, a natural and sincere woman, sensitive and courageous, with enormous love for people.

I like simple things … like the morning hugs, the agitation of the house at the beginning of the day, the sea in the corner of my house, the infinite detail of the bridal gowns, every day in the showroom surrounded by the girls I love and the beautiful people around me who, Thank God, there are a few …

Dressing brides was definitely my purpose … I have all the joy, patience, availability, emotion, the honour that they chose me, the love and the concern for each of my brides. In fact, these are the things that ennoble me and motivate me every day. 

Magda Bei London

Magda Bei

I am the owner of Graphtec Design Constanta for 19 years.

In 2016 I became a Certified Member – John Maxwell where I learned to apply in business personal leadership and other hundreds of leadership, sales, marketing, coaching practices. Read more ...

Also this year, we became Ambassador Elite Business Women, alongside Bianca Tudor, promoting female entrepreneurship through events held in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Ramnicu Valcea and London. Since 2016, I’m a Mentor in the Upgrader program, giving me voluntarily my knowledge through my 18-year entrepreneurial experience.

Business is done with and out of love for people and it’s my way of building my team,  Magda Bei CEO Graphtec Design. 


Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti is a data protection and privacy professional. She chairs the Fabian Women’s Network and has spent 20 years in UK and European politics. Ivana has stood for the European parliament and the London Assembly and writes and speak about women, equality, innovation, European and international affairs.

Promote women entrepreneurs and their business model

How did they got to succeed in their business?

Examples of challenges and the solutions they used to move forward;

Some critical and practical advice for other entrepreneurs.

Promote and encourage diversity as a key in the success of your business

We invite also men as a speaker men as mentors, speakers, participants, making sure there is an exchange of knowledge, know how, business experience

Encourage international partnerships in business

The conference is dedicated both to Romanian entrepreneurs abroad, but also to Romanian entrepreneurs who want to expand their business abroad, and build international partnerships.

Elite facilitates business partnerships, international networking and business promotion.


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  • Live 1 hour Pitching Session

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Our Partners

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National Campaign “They Have Succeeded”

A trademark business event by ELITE Business Women and National Entrpreneurs Association.

The event’s porpose is to promote and support female leadership and equality of changes, business environment access to women and to present successful business models under the motto: “They have succeeded”.

The event brings together successful business women and creates a profitable and performance driven community.

“Women play a larger more important role in the global market, not only as workforce or consumers, but also as entrepreneurs, managers and investors.” – Bianca Tudor  ELITE Business Women Founder

Elite Business Women carries on the story of female entrepreneurship!

“The 14th of May 2015  is a very important day for Elite Business Women, as it’s the day when we took together the first step towards female entrepreneurship unity and the concept of community, for women who step up to the challenge!” – Bianca Tudor – Elite Business Women Founder

They Have Succeeded Conferences mission to promote business models and successful women, continues!

Our motto:

“Together as a team , we can achieve more!”

“I desire a future tailored to the aspirations of this nation, a future built on the bridges between us and not on the ruins of our indifference.” – Cristina Chiriac President of ANAA

Some of the topics we approach:

  • The context of women entrepreneurship in Romania
  • Some of the issues women entrepreneurs might encounter and the SOLUTIONS we propose
  • Role models in women entrepreneurship and how did they succeeded in front of FAILURE
  • Woman entrepreneur from a man’s entrepreneur point of view
  • Financing instruments for your business: Aero, Elite Business Women, ANAA.

YOU also can be a part of this great GOAL!

Together we can build a solid business culture in Romania!

Our national campaign They Have Succeeded debuted in Bucharest and brought together more than 100 participants, 13 Speakers in the entrepreneurship area, a masive media campaign. We continued our actions, in Constanta, more than 150 participants, 13 Women Entrepreneurs as Speakers, more than 50 Partners and a great media campaign on TV and radio.

Media Partners: TVs Brașov, Speranța TV, Cariere Magazine

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