Elite Business Women Ambassadors

Ioana Arsenie, Bucharest ELITE Ambassador


Ella G

Ella GheorghioiuSibiu ELITE Ambassador


My name is Ionela Manuela Gheorghioiu. But everybody calls me Ella. I am “adopted” by the lovely city Sibiu, with moldavian roots. I am passionate about organising and planning things, research work, spa & wellness, alternative and complementary therapies, beauty, online marketing, reading and travelling. I love creating and actively take part in communities. I like bringing people together and make them connect, just like a “human LinkedIn”, as my friends like to call me.I am currently involved in two projects that I am passionate about: organising business events and personal development, here in Sibiu. I graduated from several economical schools, among them counting “The Economical College George Baritiu” and “Lucian Blaga University”, the ECTS class, as well as some complementary courses in beauty and wellness. Read more...

I consider education as a necessity that must be maintained and improved all the time and that is why I follow with huge interest all that means courses or workshops in my activity domain.
My purpose is to bring value through the events I organise and promote, but also to give my customers a state of well being.

“Ella is the kind of person you need if you want to organise an event here in Sibiu. She is well informed, connected and passionate about everything that is related to events in Sibiu, especially in the Personal Development area. She is the guide that loves Sibiu and the people in it with passion and that will make you fall in love rapidly with this transylvanian city, with all its ups and downs”. Alina Bota, instructor.

Sibiu Events

Sibiu Events is an agency related to the organisation and promotion of business events, symposiums, congress, team buildings, camps and personal development events in Sibiu.

Education, change, decision making, personal development – Sibiu Events will bring to your city all the required events to help you become exactly who you wish to be!

Email:  sibiuevent@gmail.com

Phone: 0742575526
Facebook: Sibiu Events 

Diana LangaSibiu ELITE Ambassador


Adriana FerariuTimișoara ELITE Ambassador


Since little girls, women dream to a fairytale wedding. They have planned with a long time ahead the actual proposal, everything in small details. How their bride dress will look like, what flowers will create the bouquet, how the venue will be decorated and even what flavor will be the cake. It seems quite easy when you know exactly what you want, but all these organizational decisions can be overwhelming, and from imagination to implementation it’s a long run.
Here, I come in stage. I am Adriana Ferariu, and I’m in love with people. I am 31 years young, I was born in a little town named Jimbolia and live in Timisoara for more than 10 years. Read more...

I graduated Faculty of International Relations and European Studies, but after a long experimental period in the work field, I decided that relations between people in love is my interest area. Since a little one, I used to say to my friends that I am Cupidon’s sister and people’s happiness is my goal. I like to put smiles on people faces and hearts, and not only. I am passionated in design, deco, traveling, and everything which brings joy in the souls. This way, I decided, after 6 years, to start as a wedding planner and to help young lovers in creating the perfect moment in which they will unite their destines. 

Loredana TrocanTimișoara ELITE Ambassador 


Loredana  Trocan, Head of HANSEN ergonomics studio – Timișoara

“There is life after weekend”

Telefon: +40 726 056 590

E-mail: loredana@hansen.ro


Mihaela StoicaCluj-Napoca ELITE Ambassador 


Miha Claris-127

Cristiana DimaConstanța ELITE Ambassador 


Camelia Paun Dinca, Lisbon ELITE Ambassador


Mihaela Stroe PhD

Mihaela Stroe, International Ambassador Elite Business Women


My name is Mihaela Stroe and I have the honor to be Ambassador Elite Business Women at international level, being in the same time the only profiler (behavioral analyst) for business domain in Romania trained personally by Joe Navarro, the best criminal profiler from the last 100 years of FBI.
From 25 years old I decided to go on the entrepreneurial path and I wish, using my profession and work experience to help ELITE Business Women to fulfill its mission to create a powerful community of female entrepreneurs in their professional life and also personal.
My own personal mission in life is to “educate, to motivate and to inspire people who want to be placed on the first position in their life.” 

How do I feed my personal mission every day? Trough coaching programs, training courses, conferences and written books both in Romanian language and English. I have written two books until now “Being in harmony with myself!” and “Put yourself first!”, and now I am writing my third book called “The courage to love myself”.
In order to follow my activity and to connect with me, I invite you on my professional page (for the moment only in Romanian)  www.mihaelastroe.ro and on my YouTube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhDMihaelaStroe (where you can find videos in Romanian language and English). 

Adriana Fagarasian, Rome ELITE Ambassador