ELITE Sales Group

Are you truly an expert in sales?

  • Do customers come to you?
  • Have your first time customers heard about you?
  • Do you conclude sales at the price requested by you, without the need for lengthy negotiations?
  • Do headhunting companies contact you first when looking for sales experts?
  • Do competitors in your field “hate” you?

ESG is everything you need to take your performance to the next level. Where else can you find a more experienced and motivated group of professionals, who will focus their expertise only on your success?

You are doing well? We are sure of it!

But you do not want to do just well, you want to be exceptional!

If you are ready for an accelerated growth in your sales figures, then ESG wants you in their team, in order to exploit your full potential.

10 reasons to join ESG

  • 1. Take advantage of the support offered to develop and crystallise your profile as a sales expert

  • 2. You raise your personal brand to a higher level, through membership in an elite group

  • 3. Participate in brainstorming sessions and clarify your sales goals on a long-term

  • 4. Tackle the most important challenges of your current work alongside other professionals, who are like-minded and have similar objectives

  • 5. Acquire new techniques and develop new skills in problem solving

  • 6. You develop your database of prospects, within networking sessions

  • 7. You will find friends and mentors, before whom you will undertake the responsibility for your own professional development, through regular reporting on the progress made

  • 8. You will increase significantly your contribution to the team’s performance and of the company you belong to

  • 9. You increase your income from fees and bonuses by achieving and exceeding targets

  • 10. Convince yourself that your major concerns should not be faced alone, but together with the ESG club members

  • 1.

    Regular meetings between ESG members, after a “Training Pill” recipe
  • 2.

    The Training Pill
  • 3.

    “You under scrutiny” / “You under a magnifying glass” sessions, through mastermind or role-play
  • 4.

    “I know someone who knows someone” Networking
  • Who will be your mentor in sales?

    Mircea Tudor – trainer with over 20 years experience in sales, management and personal development

    • Direct sales expertise from: FMCG, life insurances, network marketing
    • Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Trainer for sales force and sales management , 12 years of delivering training programs across the country.
    Mircea Tudor 1


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